We’re a no-bullshit community & mentor for people who want to do life & business differently, who roll their eyes at everyone’s “newsletter” and want to learn fresh, original ways to hijack the sea of sameness and make real money.


We help the lost, the confused, and the marketing anxious learn how to take their ideas and their business & gracefully chainsaw through cookie cutter tactics that don’t even work (nobody wants your free goodies, or your “solutions”), and use the unexpected as a lethal sales weapon that no competitor can touch.

But most of all? We help you screw “business as usual” and have fun doing business. Because if you’re not having fun, then you might as well be in jail, and jail is bad.




Founder Ash Ambirge’s Story + How It All Got Started. Care for wine?


1984: Born. There was blood.

1994: Walked around block to the bus stop so the kids didn’t know she lived in the trailer next door.

1998: People started dying.

2001: Made it to college & awarded $160,000 by Andy McKelvey, Founder of Monster.com, for entrepreneurial spirit.

2005-2006: Falls obsessively in love with marketing + sales. Leads teams in her native Philadelphia, working with several Fortune 500 companies in a B2B environment. Recognized as national leader for getting contracts signed on first meeting.

2007: Starts her own brand copywriting company on the side, with a focus on helping other companies screw “business as usual”—and everything that sounds like business as usual. (Which no one ever won any awards for.) This was also the unfortunate year she painted the walls of her apartment hideous purple. (It was supposed to be regal.)

2008: Builds house. Has everything with exception of the iPad. Those weren’t invented yet.

2009: Falls for a Latin lover. (What? Every story has a love story.) Starts this website as a platform to spread the word that business as usual is bad for you. Coincidentally, life as usual was turning out to be just as disappointing.

2010: Makes some interesting rash decisions, by which “interesting” means “terrible.” Decides to start fresh. Actually leaves the country. Goes to Chile.

2011: Continues to specialize in brand copywriting & marketing, and grows TMFproject and House of Moxie, her creative agency, run entirely from a Macbook. Lives in Chile and Barcelona and Costa Rica and the sky. Ends up dating man with mullet.

2012: Goes to play in Ecuador. Relevant because the equator is there, and if you ate ice cream on the equator, wouldn’t you mention it?

2013: Lives in Costa Rica. And Chile some more, too. (This is what furnished apartments are for, you guys.) Built a million dollar online brand from scratch. Started www.lifehooky.com to help other business owners travel & do something they’ll never forget. Ate a lot of peas.

2014: Has big plans to continue to help small business owners be smug assholes who make a lot of money–despite everyone who once rolled their eyes at them.

Want to read the long, detailed, slightly embarrassing version? Click here.