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Remember the first time you had a sleepover, (not that kind), and played the tried-and-true game of Two truths and a Lie? Well get ready. Because we’re going there.

Truth: Companies with personality make more money/cash/dinero than cut-and-dry drones.

And copywriting is hands-down the best way to show off your little somethin’ somethin’ that will make clients, customers & your landlord swoon.

Because every single word tied to your brand/company/pocketbook is an opportunity.

An opportunity to forge a connection where there wasn’t one before.

An opportunity to make the very first impression that’s perfect for you.

And an opportunity to scooch up a little closer to your market and make ‘em think something about you.

Whether what they think is good or bad–both will help you get ahead.

Usually businesses try to do the opposite–blend in–because they don’t want people having “opinions” about them.

Little do they know the alternative is far, far worse.

Truth: You know you have to differentiate yourself from everyone else.

But even the word differentiate makes you break out in hives.

Between us?

It’s not about being unique.

It’s about finding a unique way to tell your story.

Lucky for you, this is what we’re all about; distilling your ideas into morsels of undiluted impressiveness, perfectly honed to make clients ache with that need to click. To subscribe. To buy.

Because when you find a unique way to tell your story?

You might still have competitors, but you’ll eliminate the competition.

Lie: We always wear pants while working.

Just kidding.

We’d never actually lie to you.

*Looks around innocently.*

Want to have us write copy for you–and set you approximately 16,298 miles ahead of your competition? (And the sea of cotton-ball dry, eye-roll inducing websites?) See below. We’re here to help. And set things on fire. You know–the usual.


Option 1: The Basics Package: Must-Have, Non-Negotiable Web Copy For Your Site




Jess Moustache!


:: Hell Yes Homepage Copy

:: The Do-Or-Die About Page (Including Your Company Bio and Yours)

:: Read ‘Em And Weep Services List Page

:: This-is-how-we-roll Philosophy Page

:: Wild Card

Some ideas for a Wild Card Page: Top 10 Reasons to Work With Me/Other Top 10 List, FAQ page (written with just the right spin), Start Here Page, Affiliates Info Page, In The News/Media, The Fine Print (rules/regulations/restrictions), Contact Us (with a must-do call to action), Landing Page (separate from home page), or something else. We’ve even done copy for things like email templates for business owners who want to sound more personable when they respond to inquiries. Whatever you need! With the exception of long form sales pages, of course, which you’ll find in Option 2 & Option 3.

Note: Not quite fitting the bill? Need something else? Any page can be substituted for a wild card page of your choice. The pages we write for you are flexible; these are just suggestions, as they’re commonly the most-needed pages for small business owners. But whatever it is you need, you’ve got 5 with this package, with the exception of long form sales pages, so fill out the inquiry form below and say hi. We’re flexible! Well, not yoga flexible, but you know what we mean.



Option 2: The Full Package




::  5 pages of standard web copy. Think: About page, homepage, service page, philosophy page, “what this is” page, or whatever you need most – your pick.
:: 4 promo blurbs of your choice. Think: Opt-in, teaser copy, twitter profile, one-liner for an ad, etc.
:: 1 long form sales page. Think: That stand alone program, product or service that’s sort of expensive and you need a whole page to get all the details out because you need your customers to push the “buy now” button. Or call you up and set an appointment. Bottom line: You want them to spend money with you. And you need to ensure they will.
:: 3 autoresponders. Think: What you send out as soon as someone opts in…so you make a killer first impression.
:: 1 introductory sales letter/email. Think: What to send to prospective clients you’ve got your eye on…to make ‘em fall over themselves to want to do business with you.
:: Piece of copy at your discretion. What do you need most to make this work?

*Note: If you do not need one of these pieces, but still like the full package option, fill out the inquiry form and let us know what you’re thinking. We’re flexible and happy to accommodate you as best we can.

Option 3: Just a Sales Page




::  A sales page for that program, that service, that book, that retreat, or something else that requires all sorts of sections like what it is, why anyone cares, who it’s for, how much it costs, what’s included and more–ultimately, compelling them to click the buy button, make the reservation, call you up, and/or spend the money with YOU.  This page makes all the difference. This page will make or break you. But when you write it with us? It’s definitely going to be the former.

Option 4: Ghostwriting



$2,000 – $5,000 – Length and fee negotiable


:: Book
:: eBook
:: Lead Magnet
:: Manifesto
:: Speech
:: Presentation
:: Holy-Smokes-I’m-Going-To-Blow-My-Talk. My Career. My Life. And Every Future Opportunity. (Except don’t worry. You won’t.)



Jenny on Scooter


:: process :: 


Step One

Send us an email! We used to use fancy inquiry forms, until we realized some times there were glitches and sometimes we weren’t hearing from our customers, and obviously we want to hear from you. So, step one is to send an email to sayhello@themiddlefingerproject.org (remember, .org), with the subject line COPYWRITING INQUIRY, and please include the following information:

:: Name
:: Email
:: Website
:: Who you are & what you do
:: Which package you’re interested in
:: How we can help you best
:: Bonus: Your favorite thing in the whole wide world. Because we’re personal like that.

Meredith, our right hand scheduling maven, will contact you back on the double. From there, we’ll talk to you about what you’ve got up your sleeve, exchange a few jokes, and then determine your dedicated project timeline. We work with clients in two week bursts, so you’ll have your very own dedicated time with our full attention. We’ll start on a Monday, work together that first week on understanding your project and developing some first drafts, and then take all of the second week to talk more with you, perform edits, make revisions, and polish everything into your final deliverables. You’ll submit payment in full, via credit card, Paypal or Google Checkout, to hold your dedicated project time. If for any reason, between now and your kick-off date, something goes wrong and we won’t be able to begin our work together, your payment is 100% refundable.


Step Two

You’ll be sent a link to our client intake form. (Cue mystery-laden background music.) Once we get it back from you, this is what we analyze, initially, to see what information is still missing, and what information we need to best do our jobs before your project gets started.


Step Three

On your agreed upon project kick-off day, Ash and the team will be in touch first thing in the morning (CST), and they’ll spend the first couple of days luxuriating in everything YOU. From research to stalking, and really digging in deep. From that point forward, you’ll be communicating with the team via email to make sure everything is understood – and we mean everything – about your project in order to write most effectively. (Also, the reason why we love written documentation so much is because it’s nice and easy for us to reference throughout your project, and make sure your project isn’t held up for any silly reasons like, oh, we forgot a detail you mentioned over the phone.)


Step Four

Thereafter, we’ll work together for about two weeks, developing and perfecting your copy, ultimately sending over the final deliverables to you by the following Friday.


Step Five



***Email us at sayhello@themiddlefingerproject.org to inquire!***


:: select client samples :: 

Gala Darling: A list blogger Gala Darling has worked with everyone from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Starbucks, and has been featured in The New York Times, New Zealand Herald, Teen Vogue, New York Post, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Next, Cleo, Girlfriend, The Age and Sunday Herald Sun, as well as on CBS and ABC News, among others. She has spoken at TEDxCMU, SXSW, Independent Fashion Bloggers, Altitude Design Summit, Social Media Week, and many schools. We’re currently working with Gala Darling on some up and coming projects, including her Blogcademy–you can review one piece of sample copy here. Gala’s first response to her new copy? “ASH.  These notes — and your rework — are FUCKING AMAZING.  Holy shit.  Thank you so much — this is exactly what we wanted to convey, it just took you to pull it out of us!  Man, you’re good. Fuck!” Precisely the reaction we were going for. Wink.

Karen Arrington: Goodwill Ambassador to Gambia, Founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant (yeah), and World-Renowned Empowerment Expert. We not only played with her site copy (a blast)–we even worked together to craft her acceptance speech for the Woman’s Day Magazine Red Dress Awards, honoring Karen for her efforts in the fight against breast cancer. What a woman. What a client. When we wrapped Karen’s project, she wrote to say: “I’m on such a high right now from the copy you sent me, the entire experience was surprising.. from the moment I contacted you through the last piece of copy, you rock! I’m just completely blown away by the copy. I wanted it to stand out, and you blew it out the park!”

Keuka College: Keuka came to us to make their copy more appealing to their target market–students!–and have a little fun with it, too. While the copy isn’t live yet, you can view a few samples herehere and here.

The Pearl Girls: Founder India Rows hired us to develop a product description that makes you want her pearls, and her pearls only. Our philosophy? When you’ve got a “commodity” item, the best way to gain the competitive advantage? Make ‘em FEEL. And that’s just what we did, here and here.

Fresh by Sian & Stay Golden: Aussie designer Sian came to us because: “You have a hella fresh approach to the world of copywriting, and when the thought came to mind about hiring a copywriter to help me out with this, you’re the first one that came to mind. I had a look around at other ones, but they just didn’t float ma boat like you do.” Her request? I want them to be intrigued right off the bat, but I want it to be very clear what I’m selling, so in a way they know what to expect, but then keep them hooked so they’ll look around more. And like I’m selling things they didn’t even know they needed until they landed on my site.” After working with us, Sian wrote in and said: “The whole process of hiring you guys actually got me thinking about A LOT of things that I hadn’t really considered before. From the initial questionnaire to get a good d-low on my business, and what I was going to be selling, to the questions you personally asked me as we were working through the copy… Just the things like features v benefits, imagining my company as a celeb or a song & what it would be, and a few other things like that, they helped me nail down the vibe in a way that I wasn’t really expecting, which I was stoked about.”

Sugarjets Studio: Nicki came to us because, “I know you know your shit, and because I know you can write what I need to say in the voice I want it said in. I have yet to read something that you’ve written on your site that I didn’t feel was written specifically for me, so I know that if you just do what you do, you’ll do exactly what i need.” When we wrapped Nicki’s project, she emailed us and made us blush: “I’d already had a small amount of interaction with you, so I pretty much knew what to expect from you personality-wise, and you certainly didn’t disappoint. But aside from the amazing way you make a perfect stranger feel like they’re part of your family immediately (it’s not like working with a company AT ALL – it’s like collaborating with a real HUMAN!), when I asked my friend/client to read the copy, she cried. That was 100% pure validation that I’d made the right decision and come to the right place, even though I already knew I had. Plus, I got schooled on Panama Hats and mealworms. What more can a girl ask for?”

Martha Alvarez Family Therapy: The challenge: Speak about sensitive topics in ways that are still engaging and compel prospective clients to take action. Martha came to us because she “was totally overwhelmed with running my full time practice, and starting a new business venture online that required a lot of creativity was tough.” Martha’s most surprising/delightful part of her experience with us: “The creativity, curiousity and overall good will of the entire team.”

Laura Rosenberg: Happiness coach trained by regular Oprah Contributor Marta Beck and Brooke Castillo, Laura hates words like “authentic self” and “journey,” so that’s precisely when she decided to come to No Apology Included and TMFproject to help her develop copy that was fresh and REAL–staying away from the woo woo, and getting to the punch of what she really does: Help women go in SWAT team style and emerge with the moxie-minx of a woman they’re meant to be. Laura’s most delightful/surprising moment of working with our team? “How fast, smart and dead-on you were with my copy the first time.” Boom.

Footballforgood: Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson’s non-profit initiative. No Apology Included handled all promotional communications for the nonprofit, including opt-ins, follow-up emails, tweets, and overall messaging.

Michelle Vargas: Marie Forleo’s right hand videographer dives into life coaching–and needs copy that reflects her down-to-earth, quirky, fun-loving personality. (Hey, she’s better with video than words. And by better with video, we mean OUTSTANDING.)

Darla Antoine: Cross Cultural Communication Expert, Expatriate Consultant and Coach, and Author of I Ran Away to a Hippie Commune (And Nothing Has Been the Same Since). We worked with Darla to do an overhaul of her current site copy, as well as write the promotional copy for her book to increase interest and sales.

Truly Thriving: Amber Allen’s Ayurveda site helping people get back to feeling energized, vibrant, and maybe even a little more vinegar. Amber came to us wanting copy that took a complicated, intangible concept that not many people had heard of–ayurveda–and bring it on down to earth, in a way that feels easy and compels new visitors to check it out even further. We had a ball.

Affinity.Is: A rad new tech start-up helping drive traffic to retailers by leveraging celebrity influence and partnerships. No Apology Included has worked with the CEO and founder, Dan Todd spanning many years and multiple tech start up adventures, including his former tech start up, GlobalMojo. A loyal client and friend.

Secondstreeteast: Wildly unique, vintage-inspired interior design firm. What to do when you’re starting a company based off a concept that’s largely unheard of – reasonably priced interior design for the thift-shop lovin’ bunch? You come to No Apology Included to kick start your brand with a smash. Or is it splash? How about BOTH.

The Willinghams: The most tattooed wedding photographers in all of Colorado. When Drew and Angela wanted copy that spoke directly to their ideal clients–other fun-loving, tattooed folks–we helped them take who they are…and etch their personality right onto the (web)page. Using just the right words. Ones that scream, “You’re hired–now give me a tattoo gun. STAT.”

Alison Andrews: Sultry sexy rock singer with tunes perfect for the wild child soul seeker. Because when you’re using all of your brainpower to put just the right words to song, you need someone else who can step up and help you put just the right words to your sales page. 

Reminisce Photography: The photographer for the shabby chic bride. Featured regularly in the wedding go-to, The Knot, Natalie’s based in New York City and is the pixel artist for the bride who loves cupcakes, vintage and just the right detail.

Cleanavenue: Private, members-only, hotel-quality cleaning company–like taking your home for a day at the spa. (Love these guys!)

Wholelivingblog: Nutrition expert Elizabeth Rider rocks the hell out of everything fresh + wholesome. Liz works with us on a regular basis for her copy needs–whether it’s for her blog, her main site, ElizabethRider.com, or her other company, Enlightened Living. And we LOVE HER. Times 40,839.

Audrey Wilson Coaching: Because there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Audrey is a force to be reckoned with. As a pleasure coach (really), she’s here to help you remember that life is suppose to be enjoyable. And when you start enjoying it, guess what? A lot of the things that are plaguing you – anxiety, depression, angst, misery – start to fall away. Just like that. She certainly inspired us to get our pleasure on. Guess this means more wine is in store?

Unifusion: Web design and development firm specializing more than pretty–but practical–we helped them take standard, boring web speak, and translate it into compelling copy for anyone who needs to get a website made…but doesn’t just want pretty. But practical. 

Valorie Clark Photography: For the unconventional, racy, bold, edgy, real, raw, and full of heart. Valorie has the photo chops necessary to make it in the biz, but was having a hard time convincing anyone of that. And that’s precisely the heart of what we do – you might be the best in your industry, but if you can’t communicate that, and make people feel something with your words? They’re never going to know. And you might miss the business. And we can’t have that.

Givingassistant: Featured by Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo and more, this tech start up has partnered with celebrities like Jamie Oliver and Justin Beiber to do really good things. No Apology Included is a long-term partner in copy crime.


Ash Surprise

:: book us ::


Send us an email to inquire!

Write to sayhello@themiddlefingerproject.org, with the subject line COPYWRITING INQUIRY, and tell us how we can best help you! Please include your:

:: Name
:: Email
:: Website
:: Who you are & what you do
:: Which package you’re interested in
:: How we can help you best
:: Bonus: Your favorite thing in the whole wide world. Because we’re personal like that.


We’re looking forward to getting to know you!







:: blush :: 


You have spun this page into gold!!! I cannot even begin to thank you enough.
You are worth EVERY PENNY and THEN SOME. That copy that you just wrote will probably triple my sign-ups…if not way more…so you 100% completely pay for yourself! What you do is directly monetizable (priceless, in fact). Magic, I tell you! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!! Seriously — you’ve just given me such a huge confidence boost AND taught me what truly sexy copy actually looks and sounds like (with my language tied in).

My mind is blown…. YOU are a goddess!!”





“Hey hey hey!!!!!

So I’ve been putting off this email because I don’t entirely know how to contain my excitement!!!!
I LOVE THIS COPY. When I started reading it out loud to Justin, I actually collapsed face first onto the hotel room bed because I was so ecstatic!!!!!!!
Video editor + life coach
Fart With Headphones



“Oh man, Angela almost started crying she loved it so much. You nailed it, Ash. You’re amazing! We’re going to read through the weekend and let you know if there is anything else we can think of because as of right now we feel great about it and can’t think of a thing to change. Thank you!”
Most Tattooed Wedding Photographer
The Willinghams



“I ran across Ashley’s work on a Twitter link and fell in love with her witty and engaging writing. I then hired her to help us do a complete rewrite of our site and her creativity is amazing. If you want someone to provide you with fresh and engaging copy she is the woman for the job!”




“I have a lot to say but I’m not always great at saying it in a way that really expresses all the thoughts up in my big beautiful brain.  Ashley took all my disjointed, flighty, spastic, unfiltered words and turned them into exactly what I would say and how I would say it if I knew how.  She got me.  And she did it under a time crunch that, looking back, was inhumane (especially considering the rest of my “team” has not been nearly as accomodating!).  Hip, cool, vulnerable, bad ass, and girly, Ashley asks the right questions and probes just deeply enough to get your juices flowing (oh my) and your creativity sparking.  Ashley is my copy chick.  For eternity.”

Audrey Wilson Coaching


“Hey Ash,

Here’s what struck me most about working with you: you saw through what I asked for and somehow
discerned what my customers needed to know about my services. Then you masterfully spoke to my
target audience in their own voice.
Considering how unbelievably boring (and commodified) my industry is, your copy is pure poetry! 
If that were not enough, you made working with you so magnetic! I almost didn’t want the engagement
to end because of your infectious enthusiasm and brimming ideas about how to make my business
Thank you very much. I so look forward to working with you again.”
Clean Avenue


“I knew from the first post I read of Ashley’s that she was a writing force to recognize. I instantly asked her to guest post at my blog and that post remains one of the most popular posts ever written (which is saying a lot – I have some posts that have been viewed over 100,000 times).

Ashley has everything you’d want in a copywriter. She’s brash, bold, witty, emotionally intelligent, and perhaps most importantly, she’s smart. She uses words to influence, make friends and accomplish goals. Best of all, she uses all that talent to have fun and make people feel good.”





“Ashley is an amazing talent that would be an asset to any company. She’s intelligent, relentless and has an infectious personality that motivates anyone around her. When you hire Ashley, you are getting a driven individual that will help push your company to the next level.”





“Ashley is exactly what she writes. Encyclopedic knowledge and killer wit. Would hire again in a heartbeat.”

Fox on the Road





“This is kick ass!  I totally love it.  Jaye just got home and he is totally IN LOVE with the copy as well.  It is really brilliant.”

Love’s A Cure




“You are simply fantastic! Word for word, you nailed exactly what I was looking for :) I can’t wait to send it out (next Wednesday) and see the results!
The site needs some html work done that is above my capabilities, but I wanted to put up what you did as soon as I could. You really polished me up, help me refocus and I’m so excited to see the results.”
Head Photographer
Reminisce Photos



“Talking to you and getting your copywriting has been uber helpful for me in getting crystal clear and connecting with my peeps language instead of my cleaver woo-woo language. Thanks to that, I got a new client inquiry (at the new higher rate!) already and we have a discovery session tomorrow. Based on her pre-work, I think she is exactly who I am looking to work with. Also got two new members to my community. Waaa-fucking-whoooooooo! If you can’t tell, I’m stoked!”





“Just had an AWE.SOME One Night Stand copywriting session with @TMFproject. Falls under “Best Biz Move Ever” category. Thanks, Ash!”

Healthy Gourmet Gifts




“Ash is as amazing to work with as you hope she will be. I recently purchased her One Night Stand copywriting service, and at first, I admit, I was scared to spend the cash. But then a friend called bullshit on me, and said: “Steve, you know she’s the best person for the job. What are you waiting for?” The time I spent with Ash changed my perspective on my message, my ideal client and my entire business. I can’t say enough good things about Ash, except she exceeded my expectations and over-delivered. If you know she’s what you need, don’t hesitate. Figure out a way to make it happen. You’ll be glad you did.”

True Spiritual Awakening




“See, here’s the problem…My husband’s gonna have to peel me off the ceiling at some point, after he gets home tonite and finds me hanging out up here, and how the heck is he going to do that??  He’s tall, but he’s not THAT tall!

Why am I on the ceiling, you ask?
Because I’m so damn excited by what you’ve sent me!!! I LOVE it!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Thank you so much Ash!  I would hug and kiss you if you were here right now! Once again, you have outdone yourself!”

My Healthy Eating Secrets



“Love the new copy, love how it captures our  philosophy! But of course, you knew that.

But, I bet you didn’t know that your interpretation of our beliefs led our newest client to mail–with a stamp, mind you, because he was that inspired by what we had to say on our site.

That’s inspiration, that’s our first real “fan”atic and that’s why we’re so damn happy with your service.

Thanks again for all your help and be sure to add Indiana to your list of travel places so we can hang out and have a drink!”

Aesthete Interior Designs




“This GOLD Ashley–thank you so SO much! This is just what I needed to kickstart my site!! Thank you so much–this has been super energizing! Let me know if I can do anything to promote your work–I think it’s absolutely stellar!”



“Working with you was a dream–a sexy, sassy, business ass-kicking dream. Your flexibility and attention to detail really were a dream come true. And not just for me, but for my photography business. Very soon after the copy you wrote went live, I had inquiries in my inbox and booked two weddings almost immediately. You’d be stupid not to hire you! Thank you so much!”

Valorie Clark Photography




“Holy seventh layer of hells – IT’S WORKING!!!  We’ve gotten a good influx of new subscriptions, thanks to your copy! So THANK YOU once again for listening, inspiring, giving brilliant advice and just being you.  That One Night Stand  shit is HOT and it WORKS!  Period.”

My Groovy Planet



I had been following Ashley’s blog for about 6 months. I loved her writing style & saw she did copywriting. I got an email that she had 2 spots open for writing website copy & I grabbed one.  At first, I was doubting my decision. My ‘voice’ is different from hers & I was wondering how that would work out. I shouldn’t have worried! As soon as she sent me her new client questionnaire, I knew I had picked the right person. She asked in-depth questions to really understand me and my business. Then we hopped on Skype & she probed further. The end result? My website sounds like me, only much improved! I highly recommend working with Ash. You’ll be just as happy as I am with the results.



Best thing I’ve spent money on this month.
Fortunate to be a part of something epic and life-changing, at least for me.
Alana McMillan

Testimonials Alana MacMilan Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

Thanks Ash—immensely enjoyed the class. This class by itself is going to dramatically improve my writing I got more out of this basic class than I ever expected. I’m so glad I took this class. Thank you so much!
Vishnus Virtues

Testimonials Vishnu Virtues Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

I am utterly amazed at what I learned in Ash’s Copywriting Workshop – it’s pure genius! She’s brilliant and this program is gold; I’d pay five times the cost to access her content again.
Elizabeth Rider

Testimonials Elizabeth Rider Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

As I publicly put myself out there as a copywriter and brand journalist, I am slowly working through the notes and am finding your suggestions invaluable as I evolve into a better writer. This workshop has single-handedly changed my approach to writing and I am so glad I decided to take your class. I have 2 interviews in the next week with ad agencies and cannot wait to take on this adventure.
All my best and THANKS!
Elizabeth Rago

Testimonials Elizabeth Rago Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

Hey Ash!
I just wanted to say thank you again for an awesome experience in your copywriting class the last two months! I really learned a lot and had so much fun with you and the gang. You have a great way of presenting the material in a way that’s easy to understand and so that people will remember it. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering it in the future.
Joseph Choi

Testimonials Joe Choi Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

Testimonials Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

ReeseBY Twitter Love

I have wanted to take a copywriting course for ages and finally found Ashley and her amazing @TMFproject

Lyndawithy Twitter Love

Wow! I just signed up for the @TMFproject!! Scared, excited and jazzed all at once. Strap yourself in, folks!
I already love the assignments for the @TMFproject. I’m so psyched. I love this class. J

Aurooba Twitter Love

@TMFproject Thanks Ash. Love how ready to help you are, I haven’t even signed up yet and I’m already loving the experience.
Alright you guys, was that a great session with @TMFproject

ashleighDJ Twitter Love

if you’re getting into #copywriting, get the Self-Study Copywriting Workshop from @TMFproject. So worth the $.

Flemingcaleb Twitter Love

Just signed up for @TMFproject copywriting course – gonna

BrianDubravac Twitter Love

Talk about customer service done right! Registered for @TMFproject copy writing class 12 minutes ago, and already received a welcome call!
Creativity explosion with @TMFproject in our copywriting workshop.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve found my tribe.

Sarahemily Twitter Love

Calling everyone who signs up for your class is super classy and awesome. Wtg. @TMFproject. Raisin’ the bar!

Akmcmillan Twitter Love

@TMFproject Vastly exceeded my expectations. And they were high.
This class is a game changer.
The coolest thing is now I feel compelled to write, even just a little bit, each day. My brain is working overtime.

Ambercolorlife Twitter Love

@TMFproject’s copywriting course rock my entire face off.

EnemyOrdinary Twitter Love

Even with my weird headspace right now, I love that I can vent to my #writersaresexy crew and they just GET it. Love them long time xx

Four_sides Twitter Love

I think you’re doing an awesome job with your copywriting course.


This workshop has been, to date, one of the best and most important experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for launching this and bringing us all together.
Brian Dubravac

Testimonials Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I’ve taken other writing courses online and after taking your course, I wish I could ask for my money back on the other ones. I learned more actionable, doable skills in your course than I have in all my others combined. I feel confident now that I can write and about page and later, a sales page for myself. I can’t recommend your course (and your other products, which I own) enough.
Kristy Jaska

Testimonials Kristi Jaska Ashley Ambirge The Middle Finger Project

More Twitter Love

Pumped for another amazing class tonight!
LOVE LOVE LOVE when things start coming together, especially writerly doing-what-I-love things! It’s a good summer!

In a copywriting class w/ @TMFproject- Jackpot today: Headlines Are Whores!

Cracking open a bottle of Moscato for tonight’s class with @TMFproject. Godammit, copywriting kids are the shit.

I’m incredibly inspired #writersaresexy

@TMFproject What I love most about your teaching is the feeling of blooming into a natural & practical skill & being recognized for it.

So pumped for @TMFproject copywriting workshop!

Every time I think @TMFproject can’t possibly outdo the previous class, she outdoes the previous class.
@TMFproject is totally overdelivering info and value, way beyond expectations, which is why I am taking her class.

The words are coming out so fast my heart rate is actually increasing.

Alternative Copy
Of course @TMFproject is also to blame. The Copywriting Course? Do it next time it comes up. Just do it. You’ll be glad.

This @TMFproject copywriting workshop is making my brain sing. Seriously way incredible.

@TMFproject OMG, was that really you who just left me a voicemail!?! Ahh!

I am beyond ready to push myself in the @TMFproject Copywriting Workshop. Writer friends- check it out

Ash Ambirge just called me from Costa Rica to welcome me to her copywriting course. @TMFproject knows how to do it, people.

Can’t hide my excitement for @TMFproject copy class! Ash, I’m listening to that voicemail every night before bed. #notcreepyatall

Oh, you didn’t get a thunderbolt of awesome in the form of a voice mail from Ashe of @TMFproject today? It must suck to be so uncool.

@TMFproject Sweet!! Signing up tomorrow. Thanks for the info. And thank you for the excellent advice in your always super hilarious tone!

Totally geekout with excitement over my registration to @TMFproject’s kickass copywriting course! Are you with me??

@TMFproject I’m in Ash’s kicka** Copywriting GODDESS Workshop – Neener, Neener, Neener! Why aren’t you already signed up? Huh? Why?

Just put up 15 old school books to buy @TMFproject copywriting course. It will be worth more than my entire writing degree put together!
@TMFproject I can’t believe your team called me to welcome me! Talk about top of the line customer service!! SO STOKED!​
I am so so so happy I bought this course. Amazing!

Over the freaking moon to be signedup for @TMFproject’s copywriting workshop. Love having something to work on outside of work.

@TMFproject YOU ARE A FREAKIN GODDESS. I’ve never been this excited about copy. EVER.

@TMFproject Uber excited to start the webcopy class! I’ve never done an ecourse before and am so glad I found you!

Best class ever @TMFproject copywriting workshop! Serenades, cursing & wisdom…heaven

Registered for @TMFproject’s copywriting workshop! Super stoked! Bring on the first assignment.
Loved the first copywriting class with @TMFproject this morning!
The recordings for @TMFproject copywriting workshop rock. I miss being “in” the class, but I’m so glad these are available.
Latte + @TMFproject copywriting workshop = perfect Sunday morning.

I am freaking out! Just signed up for the @TMFproject copywriting workshop. Best decision I’ve made just for me.


More Facebook Love

Becky Gillespie
It totally made my summer!! I learned so much! Perhaps (most importantly) – how to knock my readers in the jaw with a crowbar J I feel like I have everything I need to start my own copywriting business. Thank you!!

Brian Dubravac
You know your clientele better than I do, but I’ve gotten at least as much out of my level 3 purchase as I did out of any of my classes at the University of Denver, and those were $350 a credit hour…in 1995

Simone Peer
I got some actual unsolicited comments like “love your copy” “ love your voice. I think I kicked ass!!! And I KNOW it was due to copy & …SO…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Rona Thau
Lightening Bright THUNDERING amazing first CLASS!!!! YAY

Jackie Pearce
My mind.was.blown during class. I have never been so happy about a purchase in my life.
Holy shit I love this class so hard.

Chris Demas
Just thought you should know my copywriting friends I’ve decided to get a tattoo in honor of you. It’s a little morbid but the idea behind it is amazing. Love you people.

Erica Lee Strauss
Without spoiling anything for the Tuesday crew, I gotta say that today’s class got me SO pumped about copywriting! I sometimes doubt that this is truly what I want to do, but after today I’m like BOOM. That’s it. Done deal. Copywriter fo life.

James Schipper
Strunk ain’t got shit on you. Seriously.
Probably due to the presentation (your voice J), but I am already learning more and things are “clicking” more than after reading the writing bible: “The Elements of Style” and several other books about writing.

Justin McKean
BEST CLASS EVER. So awesome and amazing.
AND…seriously…I’ve never taken a class so full of useful, practical information. I actually had to put my businesses on hold while I sorted through all of the good specifically because I didn’t want to fuck anything up. **plus more comments below**
Thank you. All of you. Yes, of course, thank you Ashley, our mentor and pioneer, for assembling this ragtag fleet off to find paradise, but I wanna thank all of you. I feel so inspired DAILY by what I see from y’all. Thank you for inspiring me and challenging me, you guys.
So, the first week class was classy cool. I dug it. I’m going to have to have a journal next to me during each class to catch the ideas and phrasing that pops in my head as the class goes on!

Lauryn Doll
I LOVED the Level 2 class we had tonight. I might take another copywriting TMF project course later on, just cause…unless we come up with something new for Ash to teach us!

Mattea Fleischner
Such a great class! Thank you Ash for all of the value you’ve shared over the past 2 months! You’ve gone above and beyond.

Anyone who has signed up for Tuesday’s class is in for a treat. Ash obviously has a superb grasp of how to use words to make an impact. And I can see myself implementing a lot of what she taught immediately.

Lynn Blaney Hess
That was hands down the funnest experience I have ever had in a class (I love the word “funnest”—don’t judge.) And I’m so freaking excited about what it’s going to do for our writing skills.

Julee MK
Thanks to all of you who were participating today! I had a blast! J Learning & being inspired & having fun – what more a girl can ask for.

Hannah O’Brian
TMF project Saturday Class Drinking Game:

“That’s what she said” moment-DRINK
Chat starts getting frisky- DRINK
Reference to drinking, alcohol, etc. – DRINK

Anyone care to add more?
Zh Mill
Signing up for this course was the second-best decision I’ve made all year!
[10-day silent meditation retreat in March was my best decision]