“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” – David Bowie





  1. Are building (or re-building) a company.
  2. Would like to work intensely with Ashley on a monthly basis, one-on-one, to develop and execute a head-whipping marketing strategy that makes the world sit up and take NOTICE of you, your company, and your message.
  3. Silently nodded when you read the quote at the top of the page–for you, boring would be the last word to describe your vision.



  1. Specialize in building companies that get noticed.
  2. Promise never to utter the word “spreadsheet.” Ditto “Monday morning meeting.” We’ll leave those to your accountant.




  1. One reason:  You’re going to make this work.  And you’re going to make a lot of money doing it.



What Consulting Can Help You With:

The main purpose of this type of creative marketing consulting is to figure out how to make your phone ring. You need more customers, more clients, and you want the world to sit up and notice you.

Together, we’ll work together on whatever your business needs most–in your opinion, and in mine: From a detailed analysis of your business from top to bottom, including your brand, your message, your copy, your offerings, your point of differentiation, and your overall business model–to working together to effectively restructure your foundation, developing a customized creative marketing campaign and working on your sales strategy. If copy needs to be re-written, our team will re-write it. If your offerings need to be re-structured, we’ll restructure them. If your message needs to be clarified, we’ll clarify it.

We’ll do as much as we can in one month, and if you need more time, we can extend our work together as you see fit.

With a corporate background in traditional marketing, online marketing and PR, I’m confident in my approach, and my ability to market any business in any industry, using a variety of both online and traditional marketing methods in line with your overall budget. (I’ve worked with everyone from A list bloggers & celebrities to creative agencies to home builders and sport fishing companies.)

Bringing me on board isn’t like hiring a consultant; it’s like bringing me on board as a member of your team, and I take it that seriously. As a member of your team, I’ll view your company as if it were my own, helping you implement the steps and tactics I’d perform myself, with significant growth and profit margin driving all decisions.

And when that happens?

The world should watch out.

Because you’re about to change everything. For them, for you, and for your bank account.







Write to ash [at] themiddlefingerproject [dot] org with the subject line “Creative Marketing + Consulting,” and introduce yourself. I want to hear about you.